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Bryan Brown is a main character in Lps More than that.

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Bryan papers to be a handsome Great Dane with bluey-green eyes. His fur is brown with cream patches on his chest, paws, ears, one eye, his snout and the tip of his tale. Unlike some Lps, Bryan's pupils seem to be shaped like stars. He stayed this way for the rest of the series and appeared handsome and stunning.


Season 1

Bryan is first mentioned in the first episode of the series, described by Valerie as a bully from pre-school. Later in the episode, he arrives in one of Valerie's classes, announcing himself as a new student. After class,Valerie confronts him, telling him "this isn't over." He then talks to his new friend Matt, telling him "he can't describe how much he hates that girl." Valerie is thinking the same thing, and she pulls a prank on him. Bryan then angrily remarks that he'll get her back. The next day, Valerie is horrified to learn that the whole school thinks that she didn't stop sucking her thumb until 5th grade, a rumor apparently created by Bryan.Valerie then apologises, but this turns out to be another prank. Later, Bryan overhears Valerie talking to her new boyfriend, John Lafluff, and feels a pang of jealousy. He tells John that the principal wants to see him, and John leaves. When Valerie asks whats wrong, Bryan runs off. In episode 3 (yes or no) Bryan runs into Valerie, who accuses him of lying about the principal the day before. Bryan repeatedly denies lying, until Valerie eventually guesses that he likes her. Bryan says that he just wanted to mess with her, and runs off. In math class, Bryan has visions of Valerie until the teacher interrupts him. Bryan then goes to the bathroom and tells himself that he doesn't like Valerie. After class, Matt tells Bryan about the upcoming masquerade ball, and asks if Bryan is planning on going. Bryan immediately refuses, saying he's not into things like that. Matt eventually persuades Bryan to go, saying they can pick up their masks after school. While Bryan is opening his locker, a blonde cat comes up to him, introducing herself as Veronica. She says that she has liked Bryan for a long time, and then kisses him, just in time for Valerie to see them. Valerie says that she'll leave them alone, much to the dejection of Bryan. He then rejects Veronica, running off to find Valerie. He tells Valerie that he doesn't like Veronica at all, they have a slightly award conversation before Valerie leaves. Episode 4 begins with Bryan and Matt arriving at the ball,with Bryan having second thoughts about going to the party, A few minutes later, two beautiful cats (Valerie and her friend Jessica) arrive at the party, and Bryan says that he'll stay. He goes up to Valerie and begins to ask her to dance, but he is interrupted by the announcer, who is choosing the couple for the special dance. The spotlight lands on Bryan and Valerie, who take to the floor, much to the annoyance of Veronica. When the dance is over, Bryan asks Valerie to follow him. The two go to a back room, tailed by Veronica.When they get there, they announce that they like each other and share a kiss. Then they remove their masks to reveal their identities, and are shocked into silence by what they see. Valerie runs off, embarrassed, followed by Bryan. Bryan finds Matt, telling him they have to leave. When Bryan gets home, he tells his mom the whole story, and she tells Bryan that that no-one can help him but himself. In episode 5, the series gains a theme song (Heartbeat by Stereo Skyline, if you were wondering) and a "previously" feature at the beginning. It starts with Bryan arriving at school feeling down. Matt tries to cheer him up, but all Bryan can think about is Valerie. Matt guesses whats wrong and Bryan confesses that he likes Valerie, but doesn't want to admit it. Matt tells him to give it a try and he sets off to talk to Valerie. On the way, he runs into Veronica, who informs him that Valerie and John are officially a couple. Bryan feels dejected, but then asks Veronica to go out with him to get back at Valerie .Veronica accepts,with Bryan not knowing that this is the first part of her plan. A few minutes into episode six (the first few minutes are focused on Valerie) Bryan enters along with Veronica, who tells Valerie that they are so happy together.Valerie replies that her and John are likewise. The couples end up having a kind of stand off, which ends with Valerie leaving in a huff. Bryan looks back at her,knowing that he still loves her. Veronica asks whats up, and he reply's "nothing." In the Season 1 finale, Bryan tries to talk to Matt, only to find that his friend is angry that he is going out with Veronica and not Valerie.When Matt leaves, Bryan is confronted by Jessica, who asks him why he told Valerie to go out with John. He replies that he never said anything, and goes to talk to Valerie. He is about to tell Valerie what happened when John comes up and tells him to back off. The two have an argument, but are interrupted by Veronica, who asks what Bryan is doing. Bryan again replies "nothing" and goes off with Veronica. At lunch, Bryan is again distracted by Valerie, and Veronica tells him to pay attention to her instead. Bryan then says that him and Veronica's relationship was a big mistake, and he's going to find his true love, Valerie. He finds her in the hallway looking sad, and he asks whats wrong. She asks why he told her to go out with John, and he says that it was Veronica. Valerie then says that she loves him, and the season ends with Veronica saying that she will get her revenge.

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