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Lps Invitation to Bryan & Valerie's Wedding!

Lps Invitation to Bryan & Valerie's Wedding!

Valerie Valentine is a character in Lps: More Than That.


Valerie is a pretty blonde cat with blue eyes and a pink nose, her paws and her tail are yellow-golden and her ears in the inside are pink. She appears like this in the rest of the series, but when she was little she had green eyes, her fur was white, there was a gray spot around her eye, some of her hair was gray, outside her ears is gray and inside them its pink and a part of the tail is gray. However she didn't get a makeover, she grown up as a pretty cat.


She's very kind and sweet, but she can also cry for happiness and for sadness like she worried that Brian was death and thinks it was her fault but it wasn't, and she's also helpful and nice to Bryan, Jessica, etc. She's brave and will never stop loving Bryan, her family and friends.

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